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Your home in the best hands

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Your property in the best hands

The opinions of our clients support us , seriously and professional 

We speak your language

Inglish, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and others Nordic languages

Regulated work

All our collaborators are registered and we only work with serious companies 


schedule flexibility

We are at your disposal to solve any improvement at any time

Graphical reports

Graphical reports at your phone or e-mail while we are at your property  

Packs for

an easy life


  • Maintenance of housing: 

  • Ventilation

  • Flushing of taps, toilets.

  • Emptying of mailbox,( if necessary the letters are opened with the owners permission and translated.

  • Reporting after each visit with photos sent via WhatsApp, e-mail etc..

  • Two visits per month minimum


  • Help with appointments, eg health center, hospital etc.

  • Interpreter assistant. During hospital visits, health centres etc.

  • 24 hour emergency telephone with a interpreter and doctor ( inglish, Swedish, Italian and Nordic languages)

  • SIP registration and change of health center, doctor etc.

  • Comprehensive cosmetic advice (hairdressers, aestheticians, podiatrists, etc.)

  • Recommendations regarding Dietitian and personal trainer. We work with the best in Alicante.



  • Comprehensive advice regarding all types of work and renovations at home, include swimming pools , closets ,awnings etc.

  • Assistance with the application for licenses and permits regarding renovation/conversions/ extensions that require registration with various authorities

  • Help and support in negotiations of various kinds with insurance companies. ( eg water damage,problems with the association,) also includes negotiations with state -owned companies eg Iberdrola, Aguas etc

  • Legal advice

  • Changes of ownership changes of various debits. (Direct debit to eg electricity company)

  • Management support for change of ownership in vehicle, properties, etc.

  • Help with banks and insurance companies

  • Attend association meetings and report to the owne


  • Help with rental license

  • Property management in rental portals

  • Attend and take care of check in and check out 

  • Clean the property.

  • Fixed price is given when we have seen the property and agreed on the amount with the owners. Enviado desde mi iPad

Cleaning hours are separate and are 15€ hour. Cleaning after construction 20€*

*Prices without VAT

We offer 360 degree solutions

At a first meeting we value your home and your needs, adapting to any situation.
We offer 360 degree solutions so you don´t have to worry about anything , just enjoy living on the Costa Blanca

Freequently Asked Questions

Why do we speak your language?

We are natives from Sweden.

Why do we consider ourselves a responsible and ecological company?

We work with the latest ecological technologies.

Are the cleaning hours included in the pack?

No cleaning is separate

If i am admitted to a hospital , do i have the right to an interpreter?

No, olny for hospital visits or health centers.

How many debits can i change per year?

Only one per company per year ex. Iberdrola 1, aguas 1


Are the budgets face to face?

Yes, we go with the technnicians to your home .


If my tenants arrive after 8pm they are received?

We always receive your clients but after 8pm they Will have to pay a supplement.


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